A Story About Copper, The Metal That Runs The World by Bill Carter

PEBBLE MINE – Bill Carter talks about what drove him to write Boom, Bust, Boom.

Winner of a 2013 Arizona/New Mexico Book Award for nonfiction and a silver medal 2014 Living Now Book Award, author Bill Carter’s new paperback titled “Boom, Bust, Boom” contains a new foreword by Luis Alberto Urrea and an epilogue to update readers with the latest from the world of copper. “Boom, Bust, Boom” is an engaging account of the presence of copper in our lives and its cost on our health, economy, and the environment. After becoming poisoned by vegetables grown in his garden, Carter takes readers on a quest to find as much as possible about copper, its wonderful properties, its history in human evolution, and its omnipresence in contemporary life.

Author Bill Carter explores historical and modern mining issues from Egypt to Bisbee, Arizona to Alaska’s Bristol Bay while detailing the implications that the extraction of copper ore has on our communities. From boardrooms of investors in London to the mountains of Indonesia, Carter connects the dots from his humble backyard garden through the 1872 Mining Law and to the CEOs of the multibillion-dollar global copper industry, confronting a resource that is so vital yet has the potential to cause horrendous and irrevocable damage to our planet and ourselves. 

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