Boom, Bust, Boom – “Red Summer” by author “Bill Carter” author of “Boom, Bust, Boom”

A vivid, gripping account of the author Bill Carter’s four summers spent in grueling and exhilaratingly hard work as a commercial salmon fisherman in a remote eskimo village in Bristol Bay, Alaska, and his rugged co-workers, particularly his crew-boss Sharon, who live by the credo: do the work or leave. Certain to appeal to adventurers, nature lovers, and armchair travelers. In the tradition of Jon Krakauer, Peter Matthiessen and Sebastian Junger, this is an honest and vivid story of what it means to leave so-called civilization behind for a life on the extreme edge, full of danger, excitement and untold beauty.

Reviews and Comments

“Carter simply gets everything right, from the damaged, broke, drunk fishermen with their carpal-tunnel-wracked arms to the sound of a thousand fish hitting a net at once.”

-Outside Magazine (Required Reading, June 2008)

“Red Summer” is about life at the extreme edge of the food chain, and nowhere is the food chain more violent, more awesome or more intense than in Egegik….This is the ugly side of commercial fishing that you don’t see on the adrenaline-soaked Discovery Channel” -The New York Times (Sunday, June 1, 2008)

“Red Summer” is actually the story of four summers, and although his descriptions of the brutality of the work and life are unflinching, he deftly illuminates their perverse appeal.

-Minneapolis Star Tribune (Sept. 3, 2008)

“Red Summer is a wonderful book about a rare subject, the mysterious pleasure of brutally hard work. Bill Carter proves again that he is a first-rate writer in fascinating tradition of Junger and Krakauer.”


“Go fall off the edge of the earth and you might just get to a place where life still throbs. Bill Carter fell and felt the blasts of the Bering Sea blow away our pious lies about ourselves and the thing we call nature. This vivid and engaging book sketches the way to get home before we kill all hope of home. And the fishing ain’t bad either.” -Charles Bowden (Author, DOWN BY THE RIVER: Drugs, Money, Murder and Family)